1. What is the goal of this site?

2. How is this crowdfunding site different?

3. What areas of science are covered?

4. Is this an all-or-nothing funding?

5. Is a funder rewards model being used?


1. Who is a Scientist/Researcher?

2. How will the research project be funded?

4. How will the research project be reviewed?

5. What about intellectual property (IP) and rights protections?

6. How will funds be provided and what about indirect costs?

7. What about data sharing?


1. Who is Funder/donor?

2. Are anonymous donations allowed?

3. How much can I contribute?

4. How is the donation used?

5. Can funds be raised beyond the goal set?

6. What if projects fall short of their expected funds goal?

7. What kind of payment options do I have? Is it safe?