What Is This About?

The fund of science is built up by all the ideas that become experiments and those experiments - successful or not - that inform reality. From past classical stories of penicillin and the formulation of relativity, to a future that may be driven by kids-inspired inquiries [for e.g.], great ideas can start small and can have far-reaching consequences. Unfortunately, the growth of the fund of science is falling off due to a lack of monetary support. Fewer bold ideas our becoming experiments and fewer experiments are becoming bold new realities. Fund of Science hopes to relieve the stifling effect of money on science progress. While big money can promote big science, this science gets skewed towards vested interests and purely profitable outcomes. For example, many disease cures are sadly overlooked until human suffering crosses the profit threshold.

One solution is to bring science out of its closet and make it the public utility it aspires to be - to trade ideas on an "open (public) market". Thus, to both rebuild this fund and foster the concept of Open Access, we are asking the public to become actively invested in scientific progress and in the process become educated participants in their own future. Through small public contributions the power of the crowd can rapidly drum up the monetary support needed to realize experiments across various strata of public need, whilst also presenting a platform for a democratic choice of experiments.

Who Does It target?

Along with scientific professionals, scholars, and graduate students of the sciences, this is the first site to invite college undergraduates, high school students and middle school students (8th Graders) who have a practical curiosity of science. Many school children wish they could follow their scientific ideas systematically, except that it costs money that many parents just cannot afford. Thus, we at FOS realise that provided the science is conducted safely, in approved environments and with the knowledge of peers and authorities, all scientists, tyro and expert, should be invited. School administrators and science teachers are just as welcome to use our website to endow their schools with the monetary contributions to promote science in the classroom.

For Funders: How Does It work?

Ever have a cause that you wish you could see progress in? A disease that you feel needs help? An ecology you feel must be saved? Or for the first time you are able to see the smorgasbord of what science is exploring? This is the time to bet on your conviction and make a small contribution to fund those experiments. Read about the campaigns, learn where the science is headed, and make your investment. $5, $10, or any other amount is not too small as the power of the crowd will magnify that as you spread the word.

For Campaigners: How Does It Work?

Have a scientific insight that is dying to be tested? A piece of equipment that needs to be built? Unique explorations that cost money? Use our simple, ready-to-use site to start a fund-raising campaign to finance your ideas into outcomes. And then promise to pay-it-forward and pay-it-back.

Sharing Data: A Critical Component

Science progresses easiest when results of experiments are made available to all. The idea of voluntarily sharing scientific knowledge gained from these campaigns is fundamental to the ethos of the true fund of science. Even negative results of well-controlled experiments can provide insight into a hypothesis, and may be prevent others from wasting precious resources. The standard practice is to publish in scientific journals, and that of course is undeniably important. But many people cannot access these costly journals. Thus, we ask all successful campaigners to share their results back on our site. It is not mandatory - we are not going to require it - and we know science can take time. Thus, regular updates, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, as convenient, help donors feel well-served. Remember that results that funders can see only builds their confidence in you, the scientist, as well as all other of your scientific brethren, on your future requests. Take your time, take your credits, protect your intellectual property, but please do share when you are ready and make science community-friendly. And may be an angel investor is lurking on our site !??