Community-Driven Funding For Science Research

Crowdfunding For Science Research

Created For Scientists by Scientists Using the Generosity of the Crowd to Fund Scientific Research at Both
the University and School Levels

Calling all Scientists

  • Medical Scientists, Clinicians, Basic Science Researchers & Post-docs
  • Graduate & Undergraduate Students
  • High School Students & Middle School Students (8th Grade and Above)
  • School Science Teachers and/or Administrators promoting a Science effort (8th Grade and Above)

How it works


Clinicians, Scientists, and Students post their exciting research ideas they are looking to fund.


They use the website to share and exchange information with the community and to fund-raise.


Once their monetary goal is reached or the fundraising is over, any rewards promised are fulfilled, and the public can look forward to exciting updates.

Quick facts

Who can contribute?

Anyone! If you are less than 18 years, please get an adult to help.

What areas are covered?

All Science areas. Biology/Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Materials Science, Mathematics, just to name a few. As long as a central scientific question is asked.

Who gets the funds?

The funds are provided as a gift/donation to the institution of only the researcher you donate to, in the name of the researcher.

What are the fees?

A 5% platform fee is charged by Fund Of Science from the gross funds raised, and a 3% credit card/payment processing fee. Donors do not pay an fees since fees are deducted from gross collections.

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